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Alumni Ambassador at Tower Hamlets Education Business Partnership

“I first became aware of Tower Hamlets EBP when I was 14 years old. Living in a small estate in East London, I felt limited in my knowledge of education paths and the career routes I could potentially follow.

I then heard about the Lloyd’s Business Mentoring Programme through my secondary school.

I remember putting myself forward thinking it might be a fun way to learn. However, as the programme progressed, I became more excited about my future. I would often speak with my mentor about her career and how she got to where she was today. During these talks, my mentor provoked me to think about my future.

From here I began to have more aspirations about my education and career – growing up in East London suddenly seemed to no longer be a barrier









to what I could achieve with the right information and direction. Following this, I jumped at any opportunity to be involved with Tower Hamlets EBP and Lloyd’s, participating in Aim2Attain and Lloyd’s Sixth Form Mentoring Scheme amongst other programmes.

I believe that the support Tower Hamlets EBP has helped shape me into a more ambitious and determined young person. It has essentially

provided me with the positive mindset to overcome any challenges I encounter, both professionally and personally. Most importantly, the support from Tower Hamlets EBP has encouraged me to think beyond my local area and any perceived limitations

– the world is my oyster!”


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