Introducing the Schools Consent Project

Empowering students through legal education and fostering positive social awareness are core tenets of a well-rounded education.  We’re excited to introduce you to the Schools Consent Project (SCP), a  charity introduced to us by our contacts in the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), that offers valuable opportunities for students aged 11-18, particularly those interested in law careers.

Empowering Young People Through Legal Education

The SCP, founded by a London barrister, sends lawyers and postgraduate law students into schools nationwide. Their core mission is to educate young people (aged11-18) about consent and key sexual offences.

Beyond the Curriculum: Interactive Workshops and Career Insights

These hour-long workshops use engaging games and exercises to address misconceptions and promote healthier interactions among students. Additionally, the lawyers discuss their career paths, providing valuable insights for students considering the legal profession.

Why This Matters

With a growing interest in legal careers among young people, the SCP offers a unique opportunity to combine legal education with practical career exploration. By increasing consent literacy, the project empowers students to make informed decisions and build safer communities.

Impactful Experience for Over 45,000 Young People

For nearly a decade, the SCP has educated over 45,000 individuals, including new military recruits and football club members. In 2023, they expanded their reach with a branch in New York.

We believe this initiative directly aligns with all our missions of supporting student career development and fostering positive social awareness. We’d like to encourage you to learn more about how SCP can benefit your local community of schools.  

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