AEBP Members gathering a huge success…

The first members gathering of the AEBP in November was a huge success. Members across the country came together to network, share working practises, see the new members web portal / directory in action and to discuss the future direction of the AEBP. Everyone agreed the event was extremely worthwhile and said they would recommend it to other EBP organisations.

Full evaluation data for the day is available to download on this hyperlink and some great ideas and suggestions were captured from the members.

Lunchtime Roundtable Discussions

AEBP Members Survey

Welcome back to the new Academic Year! Lots of things have been happening over the summer, we know how busy everyone has been wrapping things up and taking those well deserved breaks.

Now we are in a new year in the world of education and preparing young people for life beyond school, we are inviting all EBP’s in the UK to help us demonstrate the huge impact we have by completing this quick questionnaire.

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Moving Forward in 2019

Message from the AEBP Chair.

Christmas is almost upon us, 2019 is fast approaching and as EBP’s the time to step up our own profiles as a collective group of expert practitioners is here.  The AEBP national profile, has never been as important and needs to promote the good work and quality interventions its members continue to supply.

According to guidance for schools “Careers Leaders are responsible and accountable for the delivery of their school’s programme of career advice and guidance. It is a senior role that requires the person doing it to have a clear overview of the school’s careers provision and to make sure that the school meets the Gatsby Benchmarks by the end of 2020.”

In 2020, will you be sitting wishing that you had acted now? 2019 will be one of the most important years in the history of our Education Business Partnership network. Now more than ever EBPs need to work collectively and collaboratively as a team.

Behind the scenes of the AEBP we have been working tirelessly to help promote EBP’s across the country not only in relation to the Gatsby benchmarks, but the challenges of unfunded brokerage.  Lots has happened throughout 2018 and we have rebranded and started a working partnership with the Edge Foundation. We need to reinstate our annual subscription to continue our work and step up the recognition of the quality work that takes place and the service available from members.

Ensure your organisation is a part of the network of EBPs across the country who are renewing their membership for 2019 and secure your place in the emerging new landscape in the Careers, Enterprise and STEM service supporting the education sector.  The membership form and associated documents can be found here and the link below, but please get them back to us before the end of January to be able to take advantage of the limited subsidised membership subscription kindly provided by the Edge Foundation.

Wishing you all a peaceful Christmas period and a prosperous New Year

Kind regards

Beryl Henshaw
The Association of Education and Business Professionals

Membership Details

Somerset EBP Launch! – Andrew Hanson, Somerset EBP Manager

What do multi-national energy projects and small digital agencies have in common? Firstly, they both need the right skills to succeed. Secondly, both play a key role in the Somerset economy. These were just two business sectors represented at the Somerset Education Business Partnership launch on Wednesday 24 October. Continue reading “Somerset EBP Launch! – Andrew Hanson, Somerset EBP Manager”

Young Perspectives on Work Experience – Dominic Jones, MYP

Work experience is vital. Not just to young people who can experience the workplace environment, figure out their career paths and learn a range of transferable skills (highlighted in the Department for Education’s Employers Perspective Survey 2016), but also to employers and institutions by helping them to understand the young people of today, look at their skill strengths and gaps along with helping them with their recruitment both now and in the future. This visionary approach is one that supporters of quality work experience from all backgrounds and sectors to ensure that young people can be successful in life-after all we are the future! Continue reading “Young Perspectives on Work Experience – Dominic Jones, MYP”

The real skills shortage in the UK

The Edge Foundations new report published today on the UK’s skills shortages shows an estimated 600,000 vacancies in digital technology are costing the country £63 billion a year[1]. 

Let that sink in a moment.

600,000 tech vacancies, but GCSE entries in IT and computing down 11% in last year – is the #EBacc costing the UK economy £63bn a year? Continue reading “The real skills shortage in the UK”

Combining financial literacy with good CSR

Originally funded by Nationwide, Education  Business Partnership’s Financial Awareness programme has been developed for students in Year 10 upwards and is aimed to increase student’s financial awareness and understanding.

Business volunteers from a financial background and who help people manage their money daily, volunteered to help the students and support delivery of the workshops. Continue reading “Combining financial literacy with good CSR”