Who do we represent?

The Association of Education Business Professionals (AEBP) is a cooperative network of education business professionals (EBPs) collectively shaping the next generation.  EBPs across the UK are championed through the AEBP who share information about the scope, reach and quality of EBP activity nationally.

EBPs reach out to almost every primary and secondary school in the UK establishing sustainable partnerships with the business sector to give young people insight into working practice through work placements, employability skills, enterprise activity, work shadowing and mentor programmes.

The purpose of the AEBP is to;

  1. Champion engagement between employers and education providers.
  2. Be the national expert voice – the “go-to group” for employer-education engagement.
  3. Promote the achievements of EBPs in fostering excellent employer-education partnerships.
  4. Professionalise and celebrate the workforce dedicated to employer-education engagement.
  5. Support and provide professional development opportunities for EBP staff.
  6. Share the most effective practices among EBPs.
  7. Organise visits and events for EBPs.
  8. Gather and share international best practices in employer-education engagement.
  9. Organise annual conferences for EBPs.

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