Securing tomorrow’s talent the competitive edge of offering work experience

Looking for some inspiring reading before you dive into your Easter break? We’ve got you covered!

Dr. Elnaz Kashef, a speaker at our January Conference and an expert whose research has influenced UK government policies, recently published an article highlighting the benefits of work experience programs.

The article explores how work experience is a win-win situation. Businesses can use these programs to discover and nurture future talent, address skill gaps within their workforce, and foster a culture of lifelong learning. Young people gain invaluable exposure to real-world work environments, develop practical skills relevant to their chosen career paths, and for those from underrepresented backgrounds, these programs can be a game-changer, providing a crucial first step in their professional journey.

The article acknowledges that some businesses might hesitate due to challenges like finding suitable candidates or managing placements. However, it proposes solutions like virtual placements to improve accessibility.

Dr. Kashef emphasizes that access to high-quality work experience programs should be a fundamental right for all young people, not a privilege.

While you’re relaxing over Easter, remember the importance of work experience programs and their role in tackling social inequality.  Our vast network and local knowledge position us (EBPs) to make a significant impact in this area.

Read the full article here:

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