EBP Member Wins Big! Education Partnership North East Takes Home Award!

Fantastic news! One of our EBP Members – Education Partnership North East (EPNE) has been awarded the prestigious Edge Award for Excellence in Real World Learning at the 2024 Association of Colleges (AoC) Beacon Awards. This recognition celebrates their innovative Cultural and Social Capital project, designed to bridge the gap between education and real-world experience for students in creative fields.

You can read about it here – https://www.edge.co.uk/news-and-events/news/education-partnership-north-east-wins-edge-award/ but in summary:

Here’s why the judges thought the project is a game-changer:

  • Direct Industry Engagement: Over three years, more than 1,500 students from Performance, Visual Arts, Computing, Media, Games, and Esports have collaborated with leading employers like the National Theatre, NHS, BBC, and British Esports.
  • Practical Learning: The program goes beyond theory, offering a structured approach. It starts with real-world problem-solving exercises, followed by teacher-led activities preparing students for industry involvement and community projects. It culminates in an “Industry Inclusion Fortnight” featuring industry experts, live briefs mirroring real job demands, and a Digital EXPO/Arts Exhibition showcasing student achievements.
  • Focus on Disadvantaged Students: Notably, 80% of participating students came from disadvantaged backgrounds, with 40% facing multiple disadvantages. This program empowers them by fostering essential skills and industry connections that can bridge traditional barriers in these competitive fields.

The impact of EPNE’s project extends far beyond academic results. It creates a transformative learning experience that benefits everyone involved:

  • Students: Gain practical experience, build essential skills, and make valuable industry connections.
  • Educators: Refine teaching methods to better prepare students for the workforce.
  • Industry Partners: Discover skilled talent and contribute to shaping future generations of professionals.

This award is a testament to EPNE’s dedication to providing a truly transformative education. Their innovative approach is setting a new standard for preparing students for success in today’s dynamic job market.Congratulations to EPNE on this well-deserved recognition!

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