The AEBP is a national network of highly experienced education business partnership organisations who are specialist brokers building sustainable links between employers and educational establishments.

Shaping and delivering practical and insightful engagements with business professionals; professionally managed encounters to impress the current and future realities of industry in young people.

We are collectively working to shape the next generation for employment.


The collective impact of  independent, EBP brokerage, prior to the governments sweeping educational cuts, in just one academic year amounted to over;

  • Over 127,000 work experience placements researched and secured
  • Over 161,000 secondary school and college students participating in work related learning activities and enterprise skills development
  • Over 55,500 primary pupils working with employers to develop work related skills
  • Over 74,000 young people attending careers events, CV preparation and interview skills events brokered by EBPs
  • Over 35,300 business professionals engaging with young people to share insight into the workplace, practices and skills development
  • Over 191,000 employers actively engaging with EBPs across the UK
  • Over £1.2m invested by employers directly for EBPs to broker work related learning activities to improve young peoples’ preparation for employment