About Us

Collectively Thinking Global, Delivering Local

The AEBP is a nationwide network of Education Business Partnership Organisations (EBPs). These specialist organisations act as brokers, building strong and lasting connections between employers and educational institutions across the UK.

What We Do:

  • Connecting the Dots: We bridge the gap between education and the workplace, ensuring young people gain real-world experiences that prepare them for future success.
  • Amplifying Impact: We showcase the collective power of EBP brokerage in improving the future prospects of all young people in the UK. We do this by sharing best practices and raising awareness of the positive impact of employer engagement.
  • Thought Leadership: We champion the expertise and vision of our EBP network, establishing them as national leaders in employer-education engagement.
  • Building a Stronger Future: We foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing among EBPs, employers, and educators. This collaborative approach allows us to continuously improve our practices and maximise the benefits for everyone involved, especially young people entering the workforce.

The AEBP Difference:

  • Experienced Network: Our network consists of highly experienced EBPs, ensuring a professional and effective approach to connecting employers and educators.
  • Sustainable Partnerships: We focus on building long-lasting relationships between businesses and schools/colleges, creating a stable foundation for impactful learning experiences.
  • Practical Engagement: We facilitate meaningful interactions between young people and business professionals, providing them with real-world insights into industries’ current and future realities.
  • Nationwide Reach: Our extensive network of EBPs deliver services and expertise across the entire UK.

Collectively working to shape the next generation for employment.

Join Us!

The AEBP welcomes partnerships with EBPs, businesses and educational institutions that share our commitment to preparing the next generation for a successful career. Together, we can create a brighter future for young people across the UK.