AEBP Conference 2024

Back from a whirlwind conference, and excited to share!

Dive into all the speaker slides and the featured video from the event here. Just a quick warning, the file will only be available for the next few weeks.

The energy from the event was truly inspiring, and the delegate feedback confirms it! We gained valuable insights into the current state and exciting future of work experiences for young people. A huge thanks to Ollie and the Edge Foundation for their generous hospitality and to our incredible speakers:

  • Dr. Elnaz gave a glimpse into her wisdom and research, illuminating the path forward.
  • Ryan Gibson gave us a glimpse into Gatsby’s “next 10 years” with his insightful presentation.
  • James Moon offered valuable perspectives on employer standards, shaping our understanding of the landscape.
  • Lily Mead brought impactful information about CPS work experiences, shedding light on this crucial area nationally.
  • Diane Vernon MBE for her invaluable expertise, highlighting key opportunities for young people.
  • Jill Hodges delivered an informative presentation, captivating the audience with key insights and knowledge.
  • Kate Barrow offered thought-provoking insights on National Sponsorship, opening our eyes to new possibilities.
  • Catherine Halliwell‘s insightful remarks on partnership working highlighted the value of collaboration.

We were also honoured to have Johnathan from Linklaters Solicitors attend and actively network with everyone throughout the day. His presence fostered meaningful connections that will surely benefit everyone involved.

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