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NYBEP coordinated a ‘World of Work Day’ at Scalby School, Scarborough. The aim of the event for 205 Year 8 students was to help them explore how Maths, English and Science are used in the workplace, as well as highlighting the transferable skills that employers are looking for; ultimately providing them with advice and information to support the option choices process.

NYBEP recruited fifteen employers and education/training providers from across the North Yorkshire Coast to support the event, along with Future First  providing school Alumni to engage with the students.

The event took place across 3 lessons. The Year group was split into three groups with each group visiting the event for one hour each. The final group was intentionally smaller, and this was done to accommodate students needing more support.

Teaching staff as well as NYBEP staff were on hand to encourage the less confident students to engage with the supporters.

What worked well.

  • School fully prepared their students in advance and equipped them with a simple sheet that provided them with information about who was in attendance and suggestions of questions they may like to
  • By preparing a guidance sheet for the employers/providers supporting the event they ensured that key messages were aligned/supported the wider school careers programme.
  • Students on the day fully engaged with all supporters and were polite, well-behaved and enthusiastic in seeking information. NYBEP and school staff encouraged students to engage and asked them regularly what they had

Students said:

“I am more confident about my options and what to take at sixth form.”

“I like talking to the universities people cause it helped me understand how it works.”

“I know more about jobs and experiences I didn’t know about before.” “It helped me a lot with what I wanna choose”

  • The school made the supporters feel welcome, reserving parking spaces, providing bacon sandwiches and a constant flow of tea and coffee, as well as visiting every supporter on the day to thank
  • Alumni provided by Future First enhanced the event – providing an opportunity for current learners to engage with former students of the

“The World of Work day provided a chance for Y8 students to talk to employers and colleges. This contact with a range of organisations clearly helped students do this about their skills and what their future might hold, as well as developed their self-confidence in understanding what opportunities are out there. The organisation of the event was such that the school, employers and colleges were fully engaged, meaning that students had an enjoyable and rewarding experience.”

Richard Benstead. Dept. for Education

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