Sunny Days in May!

Dropping an inspirational update to bring a moment of joy.

EBP’s are getting in the news!
Have you seen the article that has gone live on the Edge Foundation website today? Written on request for the Edge Foundation by Beryl Henshaw from B&E Together Ltd, She explains how the pandemic has supercharged changes to the world of work, prompting businesses to re-evaluate their priorities and embrace new practices. With this sudden revolution, the work of education business partnerships (EBPs) has become ever more indispensable. At the best of times, EBPs help schools to understand and integrate the skills that modern businesses need, while giving organisations a hand in shaping future talent. And while we can assist schools in achieving their Gatsby benchmarks, the real value of our work lies in raising young people’s aspirations.

LINK HERE – How education business partnerships are developing careers opportunities for primary school pupils in South Yorkshire

EBP General News
We are in the process of revitalising the AEBP’s social media and we really want to be engaging with all you EBPs out there, highlighting and showcasing the work of our brilliant network. We have moved the website onto a superior server so we can link and promote AEBP’s social media handles and tags. You can help us by tagging @THEAEBP to make use of extra exposure and engagement throughout social media. Fantastic work from Elevate EBP by the way, who will be tagging you and engaging with anything on Social Media, so that hopefully all other EBPs will follow to create a greater awareness and visibility for the network of EBPs.

Another Article: Learning from experience: How to make high quality work experience for all a reality
Read this report by the Social Market Foundation on Work Experience – You can join in the conversation by following EBP Elevate on Social Media for comments on this report.

We need your help!
If your contact details have changed – if you know someone else that would like to get updates from us – if you know a new EBP that really needs to be in the loop – if you have contacts in your own office and you are fed up of constantly forwarding emails to them…
Get them to sign up to our news cascades – or drop us a quick email with their details and we will add them!

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