Back in 2023!

Dropping a quick update to bring a moment of joy.
Hello to everyone out there in the ether!

After the horrendous and challenging changes that happened in 2020 and affected us all through 2021 and 2022, we are back. There is so much happening out there that is positive for all of us – and the future looks promising.  

Quick update for AEBP.
This year we decided to upgrade the server that the AEBP website sits on. This should prove to be a positive move for us all with enhanced capabilities for all contacts, which will only benefit those that use the website looking for capable EBP’s out there to contract with.   So many of our members are contacting us with positive and encouraging messages that there are new contracts coming out, new positive messages that show a light on everything that we do in the world of quality work experiences for young people in the UK.  

We need your help!
If your contact details have changed – if you know someone else that would like to get updates from us – if you know a new EBP that really needs to be in the loop – if you have contacts in your own office and you are fed up of constantly forwarding emails to them…

Get them to sign up to our news cascades – or drop us a quick email with their details and we will add them!   In case you forgot our email address here it is    

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