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Dropping an inspirational update to bring a moment of joy. Well we can hope, but its a long report and we need your help…

Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance: Government response to the Committee’s Fourth Report!
Have you seen the the report yet? It was published on the 21st September and details the careers vision. The report also details the MP’s that are standing on the committee (page 2). Do you know any of these MPs? Are they your local MP’s?

As a collective we need to be lobbying and contacting your local MP’s individually and making sure they are fully aware of your individual impact on careers information advice and guidence in your local area. As a national body, we are taking this up on your behalf and presenting to them the impact and quality contribution we have towards the careers agenda.

LINK HERE – Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance: Government response to the Committee’s Fourth Report

Data Request
In our efforts to publicise the magnificent achievements within the AEBP membership, we would appreciate your help by completing our short questionnaire. It only has 9 questions and survey monkey assures us that it should take no more than 3 minutes to complete. In order for us to lobby on your behalf and create visibility that there are some quality providers out there, we really need your help in compiling this information. It will be converted into marketing infographics, promoting the tremendous work done by us all and will be cascaded to everyone for your use if you wish.

Any special or notable achievements you would like us to include are welcome; a text box is at the end of the questionnaire. Don’t forget; you can always email with any good news stories or press releases at any time for inclusion on the website and social media.

All the questions relate to the 2022/23 academic year, don’t worry if you don’t have exact figures, we would be grateful for your best guess.


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Read this report by the Social Market Foundation on Work Experience – You can join in the conversation by following EBP Elevate on Social Media for comments on this report.

We need your help!
If your contact details have changed – if you know someone else that would like to get updates from us – if you know a new EBP that really needs to be in the loop – if you have contacts in your own office and you are fed up of constantly forwarding emails to them…
Get them to sign up to our news cascades – or drop us a quick email with their details and we will add them!

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