The Edge Foundation launch training offer to support Real World Learning in education.

Real World Learning (RWL) involves intentionally designing the curriculum so it is relevant and contextualised, making learning meaningful and inspiring. Although this can come in many forms when connecting with employers, most examples of RWL are centred around students engaging with the employer or community partner.

The Edge Foundation has developed a training offer – Edge Future Learning – to engage and empower teachers to bring RWL examples to the classroom and embed authentic contextualised learning for students through a Teacher Externship.

A Teacher Externship is an intentional activity which involves teachers connecting and visiting a local employer.

Understanding how their subject is used in business and discussing different career pathways relevant to their subject can really help to re-energise teaching staff. This includes, of course, recognising the importance of the so-called ‘soft skills’ used in industry.

Teachers then plan a project linked to the curriculum, or develop curriculum-based resources, using the business they have connected with as the context and setting.

Their students complete the work or project within school, to enhance their understanding of the relevance of the curriculum, develop their employability skills, prepare them for the workplace and help make informed career choices enabling them to fulfil their potential.

To find out more information, how you can access training to develop your own Teacher Externship programme with the schools and colleges you work with and register for a free introductory session please follow the link.

Building on our work with Edge Future Learning Leaders and Partners around the world, we have also developed training to support Community Connected Learning and Project Based Learning to help bring education to life.

Edge Future Learning is here to support, share, inspire and be with you every step of the way, from planning your first project or expedition to transforming education through the power of relevance.

You can access more information and register for a free introductory session on all three key strands here

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