Exciting News from Tower Hamlets EPB

Now, here’s some exciting news…

We are getting in touch to explain an exciting change which will be happening on 3rd November.

What is happening?

After 30 years of being called Tower Hamlets Education Business Partnership, we are undergoing a full rebrand which includes changing our name! We will officially announce our dynamic new look on 3rd November – check your emails and our social media to see what it will be!

Why is this change happening?

We knew that it was time for a refresh. Our brand identity was showing its age, and many people have struggled with our current name – it’s long and hard to remember, and we have often been mistaken for Tower Hamlets Council. People often do not understand that we are a charity, either.

Our new name is short, memorable and relevant to what we do, plus our energetic new brand will have a more engaging tone and colourful appearance – goodbye dull blue!

What does this mean legally?

We will still be operating as Tower Hamlets Education Business Partnership for the next few months while we undergo copyright processes on our new logo and name. During this period, we will be “trading as” our new name. This means that all legal processes, including payments and invoices, banking information, safeguarding, data protection, DBS disclosures, and SLAs, are still under our current name. So you don’t need to do anything at this time. We will give a significant amount of notice before we undergo a legal name change.

Watch this space

We are very excited to have you on this journey with us – and enjoy our big name reveal on 3rd November! And we would like to reassure you that we are changing our name but keeping our aim.

And pass it on!

We won’t be passing our news on to lots of people who have worked with us previously, due to data protection regulations. So please send on this message to other interested colleagues.

Best wishes
The Team at Tower Hamlets EBP

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