Opportunities in the Army – Captain Polly Marsh

I am a school governor  as well as being a youth engagement officer in the British Army, and a civilian teamwork/leadership facilitator working with young people from all backgrounds and all nationalities.  I am passionate about young people achieving their potential – and to do that, they need to know all their options.

Please find information about Army careers for young people age 16+.    In these uncertain times, the army is seeing a huge increase in applications as it offers job security for life.   This is information all SLT and careers officers need to know and ensure is passed on to ALL students in secondary school, to advise young people of their options.

As you may know, only 8% of secondary age children are aware of the career opportunities available to them in the British Army.  As someone who didn’t have this information when I was at secondary school, I felt cheated – and now it is my mission to ensure ALL children know about these opportunities, regardless of social background, religion, ethnicity, gender or anything else. Everyone is equal in the army.

Only 30% of army careers are in combat roles which means the vast majority are careers that are found in civilian life (mechanics, teachers, doctors, nurses, vets, dentists, engineers, IT/tech, chaplains, lawyers, HR, PR/media  etc.) – the only difference is the army has higher pay, more opportunities, guaranteed continuous training and qualifications, transferable skills for life, plus adventurous lifestyle, fun and friendship.

Please find below links to films about scholarships, bursaries, and apprenticeships (finance is available from £3k – £75k per student). The first video is the most informative and most important to share  – the others will give you more insight from the student’s point of view.    If this information can be shared with all secondary schools and their students that would be great – and I believe it’s our duty or we are letting our children down.


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