AEBP Online Meeting – November 2020

Earlier this month the AEBP hosted the first of a series of online “Microsoft Teams” events. Members and non-members shared ideas and thoughts on a Post Covid School and Workplace environment and the products and services that are being offered to schools including new virtual options.

We had 36 delegates attending and everyone left positive comments (see below) and said they were looking forward to another event in the near future.

Just following up from the virtual AEBP Work Experience Meeting this morning and our conversation later, I thought it was a really useful and thought-provoking meeting with great input from different practitioners and education business professionals.  Although we work for a large organisation with lots of supportive colleagues, we don’t get to share our work with people that really understand the breadth of our experiences and challenges in the WEX world, so it was really refreshing as most of us are facing the same problems. Catherine

Thanks so much for organising this it has been very useful and I would like to be included in any future sessions – Lesley

Thanks to all, it was really useful, stay safe all – Charmian

Thanks Kevin and everyone, really interesting – Corinne

Thanks for hosting Kevin. Very useful session – Gavin

Thanks for that Kevin, interesting session. Very useful so in the future would be good – Jamela

Great to hear sharing of ideas – thank you. Also keen for another in the future – Faye

Very useful, great to do again. Thanks everyone – Sarah

Very useful thanks Kevin would be useful to attend another meeting – Keisha

A useful discussion and hope we have some more in the future. – Catherine

I found it useful! if there is anything else to discuss, I’d be happy to join another session – Georgia

Really useful to hear from people with different experiences – Sally

Thank you all. Really informative and appreciated. Yes, please to scheduling another event – Afet

Really useful – thank you. Might be good to do this again – Alex

Very useful, thank you – Kim

Thank you, Kevin, and all on the call for sharing your experiences. It has been really interesting to hear what is happening around the country – Imelda

Great session, helpful and informative. Thanks everyone – Michelle

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