For me or not for me?

Employability & Skills

Employability Skills have been captured by all the members of the CBI who, when surveyed, in 2011, gave a very clear list of their priorities when recruiting. Teamwork, communication, leadership are all on the list.

Students need opportunities to hone these skills as early as possible and to gain confidence with a range of different experiences until their competencies are strong in all areas. EBP Kent is convinced the best route is in partnership with local, regional and national employers who can support and in some cases lead delivery of the most suitable programmes. Employers inform and update the EBP weekly, they are the best conduit to give guidance and lead these areas, at the very core of all that is Education Business Partnership.

One programme delivered by EBP Kent  is the “For me or not for me?”  employability Untitledskills day. A day packed with activity for Year 9 Students thinking about their future.

Students choose two activities AM & one activity PM, solve problems, hands-on, sector specialists to support learners.
EBP Kent supplies all the Trainers, presenters and all equipment needed to run the day, which is fully mapped to the Gatsby Benchmarks; making one action packed inspiring day for all participants.

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