The Bromley Education Business Partnership (Bromley EBP) is an EBP working to connect young people with the world of work. Here’s a breakdown of what they do:

  • Focus: Supporting young people aged 14-19 in Bromley schools.
  • Mission: Help young people gain valuable skills and experiences to prepare them for their future careers.
  • Services:
    • Work Experience: They arrange safe and valuable work placements for students in various sectors.
    • Events: They organize events for young people to meet professionals and learn about different careers.
    • Support for Schools: They collaborate with schools to offer programs like career guidance and employability skills development.
    • Partnership with Businesses: They work with local businesses to provide opportunities for young people and help businesses connect with future employees.
  • Benefits:
    • Students: Gain real-world experience, develop career aspirations, and improve their employability.
    • Schools: Enhance their careers program and better prepare students for the workforce.
    • Businesses: Find potential future employees and contribute to shaping the local workforce.
Areas Covered