EBP Kent is a small charity dedicated to helping young people have positive experiences with Kent Employers during their school years. Projects run from Key Stage 1 right through to Sixth form with a wide variety of themes and outputs. Kent Employers are impressively generous with their time and expertise but like to be involved in long
term projects with different stages and types of interaction. Schools work in partnership with the EBP recognising circumstances when full time facilitation enhances quality experiences for all involved. The company is small, but levers thousands of hours of specialist volunteering to support as many young people as possible with priority given to vulnerable learners and those threatening to become NEET or to disengage. The EBP team also delivers in-house workshops and opportunities for, in particular, disadvantaged young people in areas of economic deprivation across Kent. The Education Business Partnership is committed to the concept of ’employment being the
first social service’ and that every young person has a right to an aspirational future that cannot be restricted by the LMI of their immediate geography. The company is very flexible to government requirements,¬†individual employer and school priorities, but most
important to young people.

Areas Covered